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Saturday, February 23, 2013

SEALS Accused of Shooting at Human-like Targets

Scandal rocked the Naval Special Warfare Community at Camp Billy Machim where an MSNBC reporter learned that SEAL Snipers were taking head shots at targets on the range.

Gladys Green of MSNBC reported, "I thought all this time that they were taught to wound and take prisoners. I was shocked as they put bullet after bullet into silhouettes representing actual human heads and torsos."

This blogger, trying to get to the bottom of the allegation, traveled to the borders of the Salton Sea in Southern California and asked Special Warfare Operator First Class Calvin Barrett whether or not the allegations made by Ms. Green were true. "Not true at all, I don't kill anything. I let the rifle do that."

There you have it.

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Jack Schmidt weighed in on the conversation there on the sand burm overlooking several miles of scrub wasteland backed by the Chocolate Mountains. "Frankly, it doesn't matter where you hit 'em with a .50. The bodies just come apart. A head shot is nice, but the head usually pops off when you center 'em."

US Marine Corps Master Sergeant Bull Barrett was standing by, chewing what he termed as 'jerkey' and explained. "You don't need a Raufoss round to blow up a doon coon."
The Raufoss Mk 211 is a .50 caliber (12.7×99mm NATO) multipurpose bullet produced by Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Group, a Norwegian/Finnish military industry manufacturer of ammunition), under the model name NM140 MP. It is commonly referred to as simply multipurpose or Raufoss, which refers to Nammo's original parent company: Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikk (Ammunition Factory) in Raufoss, Norway, established in 1896. The "Mk 211" name comes from the nomenclature "Mk 211 Mod 0" used by the U. S. military.  The multipurpose name is based on the projectile having an armor-piercing (tungsten core), an explosive, and an incendiary component, thus making it capable of penetrating lightly armored targets and causing damage to personnel inside the target after penetration. It is a suitable round for engaging helicopters, aircraft and lightly armored vehicles, as well as unarmored vehicles, and it is capable of igniting jet fuel. The Mk 211 has about the same destructive power as a standard 20 mm round against such targets.


Sandee said...

May I be the first to BI*** slap the reporter? It would be my pleasure.

I loved the video. Shoot to kill is exactly what you have to do over there. Or you are dead.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Libertarian Advocate said...

"I thought all this time that they were taught to wound and take prisoners. I was shocked as they put bullet after bullet into silhouettes representing actual human heads and torsos."

This explains all one needs to know about MSNBC's talent hiring practices. Employ the most naive morons they can possibly find so that that on air "talent" can easily pass the red-face test when re-spewing the latest inanities coming out of this WH.

Opus #6 said...

Probably the new brand of *happy* special ops warrior will prance around, shooting taliban in the pinky toe.

WoFat said...

Gladys Green - or whoever - needs her mouth superglued shot. I'd bet someone that stupid needs help to remember to breathe.

DaBlade said...

MSNBC reporters. I thought all this time that they were taught to have an IQ slightly higher than the average pink mist.

Fredd said...

I wonder what this clueless MSNBC idiot would make of Private Joker in 'Full Metal Jacket' when he asks the door gunner 'how can you shoot women or children?' And particularly when the door gunner answers 'Easy. You just don't lead 'em so much. Ain't war hell?'

Race Bannon said...

A few years ago I purchased some Bin Laden silhouettes for Old Man Bannon. When I was having them shipped to AZ, there was a warning that human-photo targets are not legal in every state.


The Outdoor Channel did a show on Ronnie Barrett and how he developed his first .50 Cal - amazing story.

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