At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Dr. James McHenry, a Maryland delegate, followed Benjamin Franklin from Independence Hall. He recorded a question asked by a lady, directed at Dr. Franklin.

The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

"A republic," replied Dr. Franklin, "if you can keep it."


"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you REALLY want ObamaCare?

The Affordable Health Care Act (Popularly referred to as ObamaCare) is a massive tax increase, and because Congress has the power to levy taxes, it's been upheld as Constitutional.
  • In March, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said the law would cost $1.76 trillion from 2013 to 2022, nearly double the $900 billion Obama quoted in September 2009. That's only a partial picture. Beginning in 2014, the next 10 years of ObamaCare — through 2023 — will cost more than $2 trillion.
  • The CBO estimates that as many as 20 million Americans will be forced out of their plans as employers toss workers into government health exchanges to avoid ObamaCare's costs.
  • A survey by McKinsey and Co. found that nearly one-third of employers will likely to drop coverage for their workers once ObamaCare kicks in.
  • An analysis by the Medicare actuary found that ObamaCare's attacks on Medicare's private insurance options will force nearly 8 million seniors out of the coverage they've chosen.
  • Consumer costs will rise. CBO says premiums will increase over the next decade faster than they did in the past five years.
  • The Affordable Care Act is just the beginning. It's the door to a single-payer government system run by a DMV-type bureaucracy.
When is the last time that the government managed anything efficiently and without massive cost over-runs? Obama has trotted out Canadian Health Care as an example of where he wants to take us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alinsky meets Romney

One might be able to argue that MSNBC is simply following Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, thus they are "within the rules" in their treatment of Candidate Romney.

Saul Alinsky on Morality:
1. One's concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one's personal interest in the issue.
2. The judgment of the ethics of means is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgment.
3. In war the end justifies almost any means.
4. Judgment must be made in the context of the times in which the action occurred and not from any other chronological vantage point.
5. Concern with ethics increases with the number of means available and vice versa.
6. The less important the end to be desired, the more one can afford to engage in ethical evaluations of means.
7. Generally, success or failure is a mighty determinant of ethics.
8. The morality of means depends upon whether the means is being employed at a time of imminent defeat or imminent victory.
9. Any effective means is automatically judged by the opposition to be unethical.
10. You do what you can with what you have and clothe it in moral garments.
11. Goals must be phrased in general terms like "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," "Of the Common Welfare," "Pursuit of Happiness," or "Bread and Peace."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Tea Party Marches Ahead?

With little girls buying their "Tea Party Barbies" to take on their marches with their families as the Presidential Election comes nearer in November, I'd expect record turn-outs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Typical Honor Killing

Muslim shouting "Allahu akbar" beheads wife in front of their six children, throws her head off apartment roof

Orhan Sircasi threw his wife's head from the roof of the apartment
building, landing in the courtyard pictured above.

A particularly horrific honor murder in Germany. The detail about his shouting "Allahu akbar" is in this German story (thanks to Pamela Geller).

"Husband 'butchers wife, 30, in front of their six children before throwing her dismembered head from roof of their apartment,'" by Allan Hall in the Daily Mail, June 4 (thanks to all who sent this in):

A man is under arrest in Germany after killing his wife in front of his six young children and cutting her into pieces.

Orhan Sircasi then ran on to the roof of his apartment building clutching her severed head in one hand and a butcher's knife in the other.

The 32-year-old killer of Turkish origin fought off police as they tried to seize him early this morning by lunging at them with the knife and swinging the head like a club.

Orhan Sircasi threw his wife's head from the roof of the apartment building, landing in the courtyard below ...

After he lunged at police with the severed head of his wife he threw it from the roof of his five storey apartment building to the street below.

He was overpowered on the rooftop in Berlin and taken into custody.

Then officers entered the apartment in the Kreuzberg district of the capital to find the dismembered body of his wife and the six children aged from nine months to ten years.

'They were in a terrible state,' said a neighbour. 'He made them watch as he butchered their mother then cut her up into little pieces.'

Neighbours alerted police in the early hours of the morning after they heard screaming coming from the flat. It is unclear what caused the fatal row.

The children have been put under psychiatric observation as their father was charged with murder.

Stunned neighbours of the man in Koethener Strasse, in the working class Kreuzberg district of Berlin, covered the head with a blue plastic bag until police retrieved it.

Media reported that the man was often violent towards his wife, beating and kicking her if she displeased him, especially after he had been drinking....

I find it strange that the Germans would arrest this man after a Quranically sanctioned honor killing. Maybe if he simply pays the blood price to his in-laws, sharia honor will be satisfied and he can go free...
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