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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloomberg Investigates Arizona!

New York's Mayor Bloomberg investigates Arizona!

One Day, Fifteen Hours - 2,500 miles

According to Google Maps, driving directions, it takes a driver, moving continually one day, fifteen hours to drive from the heart of New York, NY (The Big Apple) to drive to Phoenix, AZ (Cartel Kidnap Capital).

The Distance between New York Skyports Incorporated Seaplane Base (New York County, New York) [Airport] and Phoenix (Maricopa County, Arizona) is : 3446.42 kilometers (km) in a straight line. 
The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be between 3963.38 km and 4308.02 km, depending on the route you take.

In miles it breaks down this way: 2141.51 miles in a straight line. The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 2462.74 miles to 2676.89 miles 

Radical left wing fringe player, NY Mayor Bloomberg

The New York Sun Reports
The New York Sun reports: (LINK) "Now that Mayor Bloomberg has sent investigators into Arizona to report on what he insists is lax enforcement of federal regulations at guns shows, the question that leaps out is what retaliatory investigation Arizona is going to launch in New York. The first thing that comes to mind is whether Governor Brewer, who is rising to fame for her use of state law to deal with undocumented aliens, is going to send Arizona officers into New York City to see whether the Bloomberg administration has been looking the other way in respect of undocumented aliens working in New York City.

"Just for the record, The New York Sun doesn’t have any evidence that Mrs. Brewer is plotting to launch such an investigation. If she were, we’d be against it. But it wouldn’t be any more outrageous than New York City sending its investigators into Arizona to look into lax enforcement of federal regulations in respect of guns. One could argue that Mr. Bloomberg’s demarche is even more outrageous, because the impact in New York of gun sales in Arizona is minimal. But the impact of New York’s lax enforcement of the immigration laws has a huge impact on interstate commerce."

The question that is raised by the Bloomberg raids is whether a state or city has the authority to regulate the sale of guns in another state. Now that the mayor has asserted that it does, we wouldn’t be surprised were Mrs. Brewer — or another governor — to send undercover officers into Mr. Bloomberg’s home town to see how far the principle of out of state raids extends.

It's no secret that Mayor Bloomberg wants to be the next US President, or God, whichever he can manage for himself. Using his theory of jurisdiction, one would expect a Bloomberg presidency to order the invasion of  Norway or perhaps Greece, simply because he frigging felt like it.

Mayor, keep pushing to build the 911 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero and keep your little rat claw hands inside the City of New York and out of other State's affairs - 2,500 miles away.


WoFat said...

Bloomberg. Investigates. Arizona.

LL said...

Yes, WoFat - I'm not making this up.

Opus #6 said...

This has to be a violation of some kind.

Race Bannon said...

I've driven that! Just pulling over to hotels, and circling looking for restaurants jumps it a hundred or so...

I don't fear Bloomberg running for national office, while some may think he could play the part of Ross Perot, I don't think anybody on the Right outside of NYC would vote for that clown.

LL said...

I agree with you, Race -- It's just that it takes some sort of whacked out politician to do that. He's the mayor of a city...that's it. A mayor.

The Conservative Lady said...

And the citizens of NYC are paying for this?

LL said...

TCL - I don't think that the New York Voters (who propelled Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Bloomberg and others into office) care much for petty details like jurisdiction.

WoFat said...

Perhaps - dare I ask it - he should investigate New York.

Teresa said...

Bloomberg is a lousy mayor. He's a typical elitist. He buys his votes.

Gov. Jan Brewer for President?

LL said...

WoFat, New York needs no investigation. It's been the cleanest city in the nation politically --historically-- and if you doubt me, ask Mayor Bloomberg. He'll reaffirm my statement.

Teresa, he's an elitist goofball who has some strange notion that a 911 Ground Zero Victory Mosque is a good idea -- and wants to send NYPD detectives to Arizona to investigate gun shows. They say that syphilis in the later stages drives men mad... I'm not accusing Mayor Bloomberg of having a social disease. I'm only trying to guess why he's such a nut.

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