At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Dr. James McHenry, a Maryland delegate, followed Benjamin Franklin from Independence Hall. He recorded a question asked by a lady, directed at Dr. Franklin.

The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

"A republic," replied Dr. Franklin, "if you can keep it."


"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

Friday, June 25, 2010

Al Gore's "Massage"

What started out as former Vice President Al Gore's request for a happy ending in  Washington State has become a training video in China! Watch it for yourselves.

Note that the girl is not at all impressed that he invented the Internet, saved the world from global warming and has received a Nobel Peace Prize (but hasn't everyone?) and an Oscar.

A crazed sex poodle? That's how the massage therapist described the former Vice President? No wonder Tipper dumped him and headed for greener pastures. I wonder if the presence of semen on the lady's (preserved) clothing has the former Vice President considering his response to these allegations. (HINT: Don't try, "I never had sexual relations with that woman!" It was tried before unsuccessfully.)


WoFat said...

A crazed sex poodle? Giggle, giggle.

LL said...

Again, you just can't make this stuff up, WoFat. She calls Al Gore a "crazed sex poodle". If she'd called him a "lion in bed" or something like that, then perhaps he could have kept a shred of self-respect. If she'd said he was strung like an anaconda and was "too big", then he could have strutted his stuff when he walked. But a poodle?

Poor Al.

No wonder he needed an Oscar to feel good about himself.

Couldn't he have found some sort of Hollywood chick to service him gratis?

WoFat said...

Did Al actually say that? "Velly velly nice.?"

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