At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Dr. James McHenry, a Maryland delegate, followed Benjamin Franklin from Independence Hall. He recorded a question asked by a lady, directed at Dr. Franklin.

The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

"A republic," replied Dr. Franklin, "if you can keep it."


"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doesn't he have ANYTHING better to do?

barack hussein obama is campaigning against President George W. Bush -- again. (CLICK HERE)

I don't know who came up with that bright idea but I-LIKE-IT because nobody cares. Send barack hussein obama and members of his regime cris-crossing the nation bad-mouthing George Bush. 

barack, he left office a year and a half ago, and you might want to tell the American people about the hope and change YOU promised/promise. Or don't they believe you anymore?

The fall-back strategy of "blame Bush" has got to be the lamest political program that I've heard of in my entire life. Somewhere between twenty and thirty percent of American voters consider themselves "generally independent conservatives" and THEY are the ones who decide elections. Many of them also identify with the values espoused by the Tea Party Movement - smaller government, devolve decision making where appropriate closer to those effected by the decisions and responsible spending. None of those people hate George W. Bush and I doubt if the weak, indecisive, pro-Muslim, obama, will be able to convince them that the weak, indecisive, pro-Muslim, pro-ILLEGAL Immigration BS coming out of Washington can be blamed squarely at George W. Bush.

Heat up the teleprompter, barack hussein obama, and take your case to the people. Tell them they need to vote for Democratic Party hacks because of the looming threat of George W. Bush. I don't think you'll find anyone with an IQ over room temperature you'll find who'll buy off on that -- unless you take your message directly to Hollywood.


WoFat said...

Does obama have a Cone of Silence in the White House?

Krystal said...

Will this man EVER grow up and put on his "big boy" boxers?!

LL said...

WoFat - I wouldn't be surprised...

Krystal - You'd think after a year and a half or so as Chief Executive that he'd have an idea of his own rather than stumping on "It's all George W. Bush's fault!"

Snarky Basterd said...

He's coming unglued. He needs to follow the rat that crossed in front of his podium the other day and hide.

DeanO said...

"Big Boy Boxers" That was funny - I'm still laughing...and it's so true. The blame game - stop it already and own your own disaster which you've created - Mr. Obama

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