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The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

"A republic," replied Dr. Franklin, "if you can keep it."


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Friday, November 6, 2009

Should Muslims serve in the US Military

US Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan's shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, Texas brings an old concern to question. Can a Muslim serve effectively in the US Military when the focus of the American forces is the WAR ON TERROR (re-named: Foreign Contingency Operation by the administration of Barack Hussein Obama)? The war on terror, by whatever name it's known, is focused on radical Islam.

We don't need any ghosts to come from the grave to tell us that the attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, Marine Corps Barracks (Beruit), US facilities overseas, the USS Cole, the attacks on US Embassies in Africa, etc. were perpetrated by jihadists. There is a common thread that runs through all these attacks - which include attacks by US Soldiers who are Muslims on their fellow soldiers in Iraq. The attackers are all MUSLIMS.

I'm not saying that all Americans who embrace Islam automatically embrace the radical agendas of the Shiia or Suni, however, where is the higher loyalty to Muslims?

All combat takes place at night at the junction of four map segments and the best laid plans don't survive the first contact with the enemy. Those axioms demonstrate the chaotic nature of combat. Given the need for reliable soldiers, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable serving in combat with a Muslim when our job is to kill Muslims.


Opus #6 said...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

LSP said...

What terrible and unsurprising news. How many times is this going to happen before we wake up to TROP?

Arby said...

Trust, but verify.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

Would we have let say moderate Nazis join our military in WWII?

Janie Lynn said...

This just makes me sick. It's like people feel guilty these days even considering the idea that someone who is a devout Muslim may not belong in the U.S. military. Their religion forbids them to kill another Muslim (not that it stops honor killings and such) and when it comes down to which takes precedence the U.S. military or their religion - it will be Islam every time.

Coffeypot said...

What surprises and irks me is that the people he worked with knew he had a screw loose. The fact that he was supporting suicidal bombings and a fierce belief in Islam should have been enough to give him a discharge. But where would he have struck then?

scunnert said...

Islam isn't a religion - it's a political movement whose ultimate goal is world domination. Now you answer your own question.

LL said...

The adherence to Islam is more important than any other criteria if life and when called upon to do your duty for your nation, it's never going to be truly "a first priority". Scunnert is absolutely correct in that the movement won't stop until it sweeps the planet and pushes all back 1400 years. I'm not saying it will succeed, but it's devout acolytes believe that anything is worth that goal including their own lives.

LL said...

You know Barack Hussein Obama won't authorize investigations into Muslim members of the military to determine fitness for service.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I've been wondering about this, too. I'm not sure of the answer because I honestly don't "get" Muslim law/religion, but from what I do understand, the devote put their religion first, before country or any other loyalty. I guess the measure is of how fanatic they are, but how can we know?

It's a tough call. This guy, though, was very vocal about where is loyalties lie and whom he supports and why. He should never have been allowed to continue in the military. Nor should anyone who talks as he does and who believes as does.

foutsc said...

I had a Muslim boss (ironically) when I was stationed in the Middle East a few years ago. He was one of my favorite supervisors of all time. I don't doubt his loyalty for a second.

You will hear the same from troops in all the services.

The operative thing here is that this guy's behavior was unprofessional and unbecoming an officer, but nobody did anything about it. Political correctness?

Having said that, I believe we should allow no immigration - zero - by Muslims. That would not have stopped this pus nuts since he was born here, but allowing Muslims to immigrate is just inviting trouble in.

Anonymous said...

BUT all I hear from conservatives is how this war is necessary to save the Muslim women that are being abused....and their only chance for survival is coming here zero immigration might throw a kink in that war excuse.

I personally think the women need to stand up on their own just like the Iranian women are doing and just like American women did. We need to bring our guys home and let the Muslims fight it out amongst themselves just like they always have.

LL said...

Liberals seem to want the war in Afghanistan every bit as much as conservatives do. I don't think the war is necessary (to spite what you may think). I do believe that IF we have soldiers dying over there that the commander-in-chief needs to act like a leader and either send more troops or pull out. Leaving people over there without proper support is not an acceptable option.

Anonymous said...

Why are we allowing the immigration of people who don't like America, and it's Democratic government? If we didn't allow them into the country in the first place, this would be a moot question.

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