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The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

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Monday, August 24, 2009

National Day of Service

What does September 11 mean to you?

Last March without any fanfare at all, President Barack Hussein Obama declared September 11, the National Day of Service

It will be a day when we will celebrate community organizing, carbon emission controls, and the things that REALLY COUNT in America's ObamaNation. 

It won't be about a shameful sneak attack on the United States, it won't be about the war on international terrorism (officially downgraded by the Obama Administration to an "overseas contingency operation") or about remembering those who lost their lives.

It will become the "Day of the Acorn", (CLICK HERE) and the Senate approved it. 

Just when you thought the President couldn't be any worse or demean us any further, September 11 is reduced to a celebration of Obama's pet projects. 

Martin Luther King Day is another Day of Service (a second day dedicated to celebrate community organizing) (CLICK HERE) to read an article about Michelle Obama's second national day of service.

I will remember in my own way but it won't be in the Obama way.

I understand that he's Muslim and finds that there is anti-Muslim sentiment on that day so he needs to change it. But I'm not buying it.


One Ticked Chick said...

I can't imagine "celebrating" anything on September 11th. The unmitigated gall of Obama and his congressional cronies to try and usurp this day to push their agenda.

LL said...

Ticked Chick - It's shameful, it's one of those days where you take a moment to think of those who died. Glorying in Obama, Acorn, Union Thugs and the socialist agenda is NOT something anyone should do on 9/11. Then again, nobody accused Obama or his cronies of having the least bit of class.

Opus #6 said...

This must be reversed first thing when this treasonous piece of trash leaves office.

The Conservative Lady said...

Ditto on Opie's comment. To take a day like September 11th, that is held in memorium for the thousands who died a needless death, and turn it into a ACORN community organizer event is a disgrace. I hate to wish my life away, but 2012 can't come soon enough.

LL said...

We as a blogging community have to consider something to counter the ACORN Day.

USA_Admiral said...

Obama has no heart. This is terrible. I don't think this is the lowest thing he will do before leaving office.

LL said...

Admiral, it's true that he may do many lower things in the next 3.5 years, but this particular act paints him clearly for who he is.

RightKlik said...

Obama wants to remake America in his own image. Worst president ever.

LL said...

RightKlik - I never thought I'd wish for the return of Jimmy Carter. But I do in comparison to what the voters have delivered to us.

Rob said...

This makes me sick! Does anyone remember what Dec.7 is about ? I think I was taught that in school? Might as well make that "Eat Sushi Day".
This is about re-writing (changing)History.

LL said...

I suspect you're right, Rob. The Department of Education will declare 9/11 a day to honor community service and in time the memory of radical Suni Muslims hijacking aircraft and flying them into buildings where people who gave them no offense were working will be lost.

UNLESS we keep the memory alive.

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