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The lady asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?"

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Illegal Immigration & ObamaCare

With the exception of a few million people out of 330 million, the greater part of the US population without healthcare are ILLEGAL immigrants. We can deal with this problem without spending $1.4 TRILLION on a bad health care plan.

Time for people to leave the US on their own if they aren't here legally.

Five Step Cure:

1. Imprison employers who hire Illegals.

2. Show proof of residency to buy a car. If no proof available it must be sold for export only.

3. If you wish to register your vehicle show proof of residency.

4. If you are suspect even at minor traffic stops, the police will investigate further.

5. No public financial assistance for illegal parents of anchor babies who are not citizens of the U.S.


Son3 said...

Now, normally I'd agree with you on this, but I take issue with item #1.

I do not believe the responsibility of keeping illegals out of our country/workforce should fall on our employers in the government's absence, especially on threat of imprisonment.

Shouldn't the government just do its job and keep them out so employers won't have to worry about going to prison?

I think that'd be a much more practical and Constitutional approach.

LL said...

Son3 - Thank you for the comment.

In the case of illegal drugs in the US, cutting off motivation (demand) has always been more effective than cutting off supply. All measured by the government to stem the flow of illegal drugs amounts to interception of about 3% of the supply (DEA stats).

In the same way, creating a situation where the motivation to come north is reduced because employers won't hire illegal aliens is far more effective than stopping them at the border.

I agree with you that the more Constitutional approach would be to protect the borders more effectively. A two pronged approach is called for. Felons can't vote, own firearms, etc. All people in the US illegally are guilty of felonies under USC Title 8. If you sell a felon a firearm you are guilty of a crime. Essentially I view employing illegal aliens as in the same way as I view felons.

The Federal Government has let us down yet again with policing our borders. Now ObamaCare is somehow justified to provide healthcare for illegal aliens. Rather than using that as justification, simply send the illegals home. If you hire them, you're furthering the program.

That's how I justify my position in terms of the law and the problem.

Son3 said...

I view felons the same as well: why must I have to spend my time and money investigating someone's record before I hire them?

Why should I go to jail because someone else committed a crime and then got off scot free due to a broken justice system?

The "War on Drugs" has been used to implement tyranny at home; I can't count the number of times I've seen people pulled off the road for being in a "known drug area".

If it's a known drug area, why don't you fix it instead of stopping me without probable cause?

I see your point, but I'd rather arrest the men who are neglecting their job of protecting our borders than the men who are relying on that job to be done efficiently, and who are paying taxes to see that it is.

LL said...

Son 3 - Again, thank you for responding.

There is a practical approach to curbing drug addiction. It involves treatment and interdiction.

I still think the only way to treat the problem of illegal immigration is at the workplace and interdiction is interdiction.

As one who works in Mexico much of the time, the social problems there are so extreme in many situations that I understand why they want to come north and work. Other than the Brasero program and a few of the smaller guest worker programs, the US Government has done little to provide an effective means for people to come north and work LEGALLY.

I don't think we really disagree on the fundamentals, Son3. It has been a massive failure by government and one of the remedies they propose is the $1.4 trillion ObamaCare disaster-in-the-making. Solving the problem of ILLEGAL immigration and solving the problem of guest workers is really one-in-the-same. However Washington seems unable to make this happen.

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